Amethyst Flowers


This piece is almost beyond description – it starts with a massive plate of green Celadonite (26 cm long!) which is then host to numerous clusters of lustrous, colorless to purple Amethyst crystals that resemble multiple “flowers.” These Amethyst crystals are denser and thicker than many typical Amethyst flowers, and the proliferation of the interconnected “flowers” on this piece is just stunning. The crystals are for the most part transparent with some that are highly translucent. The contrast between the purple and colorless Amethyst and the black and green Celadonite matrix is incredible. A wonderful, aesthetic piece that is large enough to be a decorator piece that steals the show in any room! In excellent condition.

Location: Alto Uruguai Region, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Size: 26 x 17.5 x 7 cm

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