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Amethyst Quartz with Calcite


A very large, lustrous plate of purple Amethyst crystals hosting numerous clusters of transparent to lustrous, colorless scalenohedra Calcite crystals. The Calcite crystals are textbook scalenohedral formation with pristine and sharp terminations. And I mean sharp – during the course of examining the piece I accidentally caught a knuckle on one of the Calcite terminations and it cut me like a knife. These clusters are some of the most flawless, beautiful Calcite crystals I have seen, and with the main cluster perfectly centered and the cluster bases covered in miniature Amethyst crystals, the piece is just spectacular! A beautiful, aesthetic piece with outstanding color, contrast, crystal formation and symmetry. No damage.

Location: Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Size: 19 x 14.5 x 9 cm

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