Fluorite, Green on Quartz


This unique and recent new find hosts numerous intersecting botryoidal-like clusters of stepped, deep green Fluorite crystals on a matrix of colorless Quartz druse subsequently dusted with white microcrystalline Quartz. The Fluorite crystals are transparent but appear to be translucent due to the extensive stepped growth over all of the crystal surfaces, which also enhances the “sparkly” luster of the piece. I have seen numerous Fluorite pieces out of China that are predominantly solid (or “massive”) with stepped surfaces and no visible matrix. To me, one of the reasons this piece really stands out is the separation of the dark-green clusters set against the light, white Quartz matrix – the contrast and balance is amazing and gives greater dimension, especially against the geologically folded matrix. A truly unique and aesthetic specimen with great color, luster, contrast, balance, crystal formation and dimension – a beautiful addition to any collection. Excellent condition.

Location: Xinyang Prefecture, Henan Province, China

Size: 18 x 11 x 5 cm

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