Fluorite with Quartz cast after Calcite


This is a very aesthetic, lustrous piece that has what appears to be four (I suppose an argument could be made for 5, or maybe 3 . . . ) intergrown deep-green octahedral Fluorite crystals with a partial coating of translucent, lustrous, colorless, microcrystalline Quartz cast after Calcite. (A pseudomorph where the existing scalenohedral Calcite crystals were coated by microcrystalline Quartz and the Calcite crystals were subsequently dissolved and replaced by Quartz. Upon closer inspection, you can see the profile of numerous pre-existing scalenohedral Calcite crystals now replaced by Quartz throughout the piece.) Great color and contrast. A beautiful piece in excellent condition.

Location: Xiefang Mine, near Ruijin, Jiangxi Province, China

Size: 11.5 x 7 x 4 cm

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