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“Grape Agate”/Chalcedony


There’s a bit of confusion on this recent introduction to the mineral market – is it real, is it a fake? The Chinese Grape Agates from several years ago were embarrassingly fake with carving grooves left at the base of the spheres. The spheres were the size of marbles and impossibly consistent. So when this seemingly new iteration appeared there was a natural skepticism. But it is legit, and frankly, quite beautiful. “Grape Agate” is the name used to describe a purple, botryoidal form of Chalcedony. The Chalcedony spheres are much smaller and more inconsistent in size and spacing then the Chinese Grape Agates, so they immediately appear much more legit then the Chines Grape Agates ever did. Because of this product’s relative newness to the market, the pricing has been all over the place, though mostly high – very high. This particular piece is quite large, has excellent color, beautiful botryoidal aggregates  and a really balanced and unique formation. And a very, very reasonable price. In excellent condition.

Location: Sulawesi, Indonesia

Size: 17.5 x 6.6 x 12 cm

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