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A Feldspar mineral, also known as Spectrolite, or more descriptively, rainbow Spectrolite. Labradorite is named for Labrador, where it was first discovered (imagine that). Labradorite displays an iridescent effect known as labradorescence (once again, imagine that . . . ). When held at various angles under illumination, refracted colors range from blues and violets to greens, golds, yellows, and more – a polished surface serves to accentuate the effect. This particular specimen stands upright and has some exceptional flash, especially from the front. Another one of those specimens where the debate from guests will be whether it’s real or not – but it certainly is, and it deserves to be placed in the center of one’s home, office or store!

Location: Madagascar

Size: 6 x 5.5 x 10 cm

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