Opal, Natural


A stunning natural Opal (some matrix is still attached) from Welo, Ethiopia. Again, this is its natural form, unpolished. To be honest with you, I prefer this natural Opal over the polished version. (Although, I wisely wouldn’t consider giving this to my wife on our anniversary in leu of polished Opal jewelry . . . ) Welo Opal is highly translucent to “see through” and the variety, intensity and depth of color is astounding. This particular specimen is absolutely beautiful with great variety and intensity of color and fits the mold for a Welo Opal. I know you’ve heard this said before, but in this case it’s quite true – the pictures don’t come close to doing this piece justice – you really have to see it in person. Outstanding specimen!

Location: Welo Field, Ethiopia

Size: 5 x 4 x 3.5 cm

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