Petrified Conifer Wood Slice/Arizona


A large, thick, colorful eye-catching slice of Conifer Rainbow petrified wood from the Holbrook, Arizona area. This striking, all natural piece displays deep, varied, saturated colors, exceptional ring definition and fossilized bark covering the entire circumference. This slab is polished to a mirror finish and displays beautifully. A superb piece with no damage.

Years ago, large conifer logs were buried quickly and deeply by huge amounts of sediment. Mineral-saturated water flowed through the sediment, depositing numerous forms of Quartz crystals in the plant’s cells, completely replacing all organic material until all that was left was a near perfect crystalized mold of the previously existing tree, preserving the original structure in perfect detail. Each piece is unique, colored by various mineral impurities in the Quartz, including Cobalt, Copper and Chromium (green/blue), Iron Oxides (red, brown, yellow), Manganese (pink/orange), Carbon (black), and Manganese Oxides (black/yellow).

Location: Holbrook, Arizona, USA

Size: 26.5 x 28 x 1.7 cm

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