Quartz var. Herkimer Diamond


A beautiful pair of lustrous, glassy and gemmy intersecting Herkimer Quartz crystals. This pair of crystals has been removed from its matrix (some contact on rear as a result) which allows it to display superbly. The larger crystal exhibits striking layered skeletal and hopper growth (hopper growth is where the skeletal growth is exposed) while the smaller, gemmy crystal has a perfect skeletal face (where you can see skeletal layers under a complete or nearly complete face – in this case, a complete face). Outstanding clarity and pristine terminations separate this specimen from most other Herkimers. (A Herkimer Diamond is a variety of Quartz crystal found in the vicinity of Herkimer, New York.)

Location: Herkimer, New York, USA

Size: 5 x 4 x 9.5 cm

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