A stunning specimen featuring numerous Rhodochrosite rhombohedrons on a matt-black Tetrahedrite matrix with clear Quartz needle clusters and golden metallic Pyrite from the world famous Sweet Home Mine in Alma, Colorado. The Rhodochrosite rhombohedrons are gemmy, lustrous, transparent, beautiful pink-red and up to 1+ cm in size, with three large rhombs perfectly spaced along the top ridge of the piece along with smaller rhombs throughout the matrix. The contrast between the red Rhodochrosite, black Tetrahedrite, clear Quartz needles and the golden Pyrite is incredible. This is a superb and extraordinary specimen exhibiting incredible luster, contrast, symmetry and color. Sure to be a highlight of any collection! No damage – upon magnification, a couple of the crystal edges exhibit a natural terraced or stepped crystal formation common with Rhodochrosite crystals, but again, this is natural and only adds interest to the piece. (The Sweet Home Mine was closed in October, 2004, making Rhodochrosite specimens from there increasingly difficult to find.)

Location: Rob’s Pocket, Sweet Home Mine, Alma, Colorado, USA

Size: 10.2 x 3.5 x 6.3 cm