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Selenite Desert Rose


A very large and aesthetic Selenite Desert Rose cluster. A Selenite (a variety of Gypsum) Desert Rose is a rosette-shaped aggregate made up of numerous white Selenite blades (the “petals”) with sand inclusions (that produce the light-brown coloring between the Selenite blades) that form during the seasonal evaporation of water over many years. The Selenite Desert Rose can form as a singular rose or as a larger cluster of numerous interconnected Roses, as is the case with this specimen. A beautiful and impressive display piece with exceptionally large Roses and “petals” and in unusually excellent condition. Normally these pieces are quite fragile, but I have personally stabilized this piece so as not to be so fragile to the touch. (Note: Selenite Desert Rose should not be confused with Barite Desert Rose.)

Location: Mexico

Size: 21 x 8 x 11 cm

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