Specimen Stands, Black (Set)


I have spent years looking for the ideal specimen stands that are functional, sturdy, stable, safe and affordable. When that search came up empty, I decided, with a plastic engineer’s expertise and assistance (www.trunorthdesign.com), to design custom stands that matched what I was looking for. Through numerous iterations and fine tuning, I am thoroughly satisfied with the final product!

These custom stands are designed to provide greater grip and stability for specimens, while greatly reducing the risk of damage. The vast majority of specimen stands currently available are made from rigid plastic using straight round columns with sharp, flat and hard edges. This rigid material allows specimens to easily slide off, risking damage and breakage, and often causing scratching, especially on less durable specimens. With these unique custom stands, the rounded columns have a sloped and micro stair-stepped interior, allowing specimens to safely “nest” within the three columns. In addition, each column has a soft, pliable rubber coating, greatly reducing the chances of a specimen slipping off, and eliminating any scratching.

Many displays incorporate black or white surfaces, allowing these stands to essentially disappear, focusing attention on the specimen itself. And on glass surfaces theses stands look fantastic; they have a minimal footprint and they’re incredibly stable with their unique base configuration.

These custom specimen stands comes in four sizes: small (S), medium (M), large (L) & extra large )XL). They are stocked in two colors; black & white (for custom colors, please contact us for color options, quantity and pricing).

4-pack (S/M/L/XL): $15

Individual Stand Pricing: S-$3.50 M-$4.00 L-$5.00 XL-$6.25

Note: For orders of 10 or more stands (any combination), the discounted pricing will be:
S-$2.75 M-$3.25 L-$4.00 XL-$5.00

*For stand orders other than the 4-pack combo, or orders of 10 or more stands (any combination), please email us your order and we will send you a PayPal invoice.

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