Sphalerite on Quartz with Calcite


A showy cluster of Sphalerite crystals on quartz, with red microcrystalline quartz crystals intermingled with, and in some instances, coating several of the Sphalerite crystals, along with numerous Calcite crystals populating the piece, especially the back. The Sphalerite crystals are a deep reddish-brown (see the back-lit pics) and transparent with a glassy luster. I remember when the dealer told me, “You have to see this piece of Sphalerite I have,” I was totally prepared to be underwhelmed. But when I saw this piece he was quite accurate – I was taken back by it and of course bought it. This is not your typical Sphalerite specimen – this is an exceptional specimen of deep reddish-brown lustrous Sphalerite that really sparkles, especially under lighting. In excellent condition.

Location: Shuikkoushan Mine, Hunan Province, China

Size: 13 x 9 x 7 cm

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